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 mIRC guide

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PostSubject: mIRC guide   Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:18 pm


Download mIRC from

Step one:
Run mIRC. You should then see the Connect window below, which you can use to connect to the channel. You will need to fillout your First and Last name ( not needed to be real ) and your E Mail adress, the E Mail adress also doesn't need to be real. Then, you will have to choose between your Nickname and Alternative nickname. Those are the name by which people will recognize you. Now, click on "Servers" on the left side and be sure to choose with the port 6667, the description doesn't matter that much. Afterwards, you can click on the Connect button and mIRC will connect you to the chosen server.

Step two:
Now that you have connected to the server, your mIRC favourites are going to pop up. You can type in the name of a channel, in this case it's #mIRC. You can then click the Join button and the software will join your chosen channel.

Eastside Maravilla Locos channel is #EMLX3

Credits to Hawk for the pictures and the first paragraph.
Danny for everything else.
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mIRC guide
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